Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marketing Me Career To Do List

Where do you start?

Start here with a list of things you should be doing today to remarket yourself to the world.

Get a website - not for your company, but for the brand called you. Websites are cheap and easy. The tools to build one are idiot proof. Domain names are inexpensive too. Check with GoDaddy
or one of the other registrars for names and hosting options.
I have multiple web sites, one which markets me, another which facilitates my sales work, another for my own business, and so on.

Get a blog like Typepad- not the same as a website but rather a fluid online journal of your actions and accomplishments. A blog is as mandatory as a business card and working phone number. Use your blog to promote your website and vice versa.

Use LinkedIn - download a copy. Fill out the profile and get your personal URL. Now tell everyone you are on LinkedIn. Get lots of invites to join their network. Grow your name.
Make sure your contact information is accessible to persons not in your network.

Get Plaxo - It integrates with Outlook to manage your addresses. But it does one more thing. It sends email updates every time your contact information changes. Think about it. Free e-commercials to everyone in your address book every time your title or phone number changes. And its free. Unbelievable.

Start a mailing list and newsletter - these two go hand in hand. Setup an email list of your business contacts. Once a month or week send out a newsletter. Make the newsletter look as professional as possible. Most of the tools are free, so why not use them? Make yourself an expert. Mailing list software is cheap or can be done for free with most mail programs.

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